Here are testimonials from actual buyers, some of them have sent me pictures of their installation to use here in the galleries, their words are copied and pasted from their actual e-mails:

I received this e-mail from a buyer of one of my hoodliners, an owner who is very meticulous about his car, a 1987 Buick Grand National:

"Thanks! It's not too often you find someone that stands by what they sell. You have gone above what I have ever dealt with. You have a good product, it looks better than the stock one because you can customize it to the way you want it. I have had so many people notice the hoodliner before they see the motor! Thanks!! I could not have ever been able to buy the original. I'll be sending you some pics soon and I will keep spreading the word about a man that stands behind his product."

Here's another e-mail from a recent buyer for his Fox body ('87 - '93) Mustang GT:

"I was thinking about just ditching my liner since the old one was all crusty, falling apart, and brownish looking. That was until I saw that my hood didn't have much paint down the center, Ford must have gotten cheap and not done underneath the hood very well. I didn't know what to do until I saw your liners and bought one with the running pony decal. It was easy to put on and looks great! Taking the hood off, cleaning it, installing the liner, decal, and then putting it back on the car was not a problem at all, your instructions were very detailed. Plus the end result is that my underhood now looks clean and I don't have to worry about it anymore! I get comments about it and people ask where they can get one too! Thanks again, this hoodliner is very cool!"

Another e-mail from a recent buyer for her husband's Fox body '91 Mustang GT convertible:
"Thank you! I am absolutely thrilled with the liner and he'll be so surprised!! You are the best seller I've encountered!"

Still more:

"You the man, thanks a million!! Looks excellent by the way. Clean & mooth! Your customer service is excellent. I would HIGHLY recommend your product to ANYONE!!! That's how you keep happy customers! MUCHO appreciated!"

"I just received the hood liner today and am totally impressed! I am so glad I found your liners and can't wait to get it installed in my SEXY Stang! :) I have been working on my car for 3 yrs now - upgrading the look and motor - this item is perfect and by far the best item yet! My husband is also rebuilding an older Mustang and I am going to make sure he orders one of your hoodliners for it too! Many thanks! I can't even express how happy I am!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I was in a car show Saturday and I got 1st place in the 79-present Mustang Class. I really need to thank you for the great hoodliner because I think it gave me a huge advantage against the competition. Thank you so much!"

"Wow, just got the hood insulator on today. Looks awesome!, really easy installation, you have great customer service, and so far, as far as I'm concerned, a great product! I appreciate the friendliness/helpfulness in our transaction and basically since I first sent you an email. My dad helped me install the hood insulator and I do believe you will be making us another for his 81 Vette in the future. He has to put together his new engine first but my dad was really impressed with how nice this hood insulator dresses up the engine compartment. Thanks again and we'll be talking soon about making us another. And I hope you don't mind I will be recommending you and your product to all of my car buddies. Thanks again."

"Thanks for being so quick! By the way, I love it! The material is wonderful!!! The logo is sweet too!"

"My wife and I installed the hoodliner and Roush decal this weekend. Your installation instructions were perfect as is the finished product! Thanks for providing such a great quality hoodliner; it really looks great, far superior to the original molded factory piece, which was dirty and lost a battle with a small rodent last winter!! Thanks again!!"

"Man, this is BAD ASS! One of my favorite things I have ever put on my car!"

"I want to let you know I am 500% satisfied with the liner, and you! I enjoyed talking with you and I got the liner and decals in 2 days, took me about 2 hours to install (took me longer to find the 3M #80 spray) and it looks killer. I will be letting all the car people I know about your liners as they are far superior to any factory mat and just look awesome. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and getting the liner to me ASAP. For those that were on the 2010 Power tour I had the Black GTP that always had the hood up showing off the liner that said "supercharged" Thanks Gonzo!!"

I recently received this glowing e-mail from a Jaguar owner in Canada:
"Received my hood liner today, a mere 7 days since it was shipped. Impressed this time at the service from USPS; you are obviously on top of things. Your communication has been excellent, and your professional approach is to be commended. I look forward to the installation process given your clearly written instructions. Once complete I will e-mail pics as requested, as well as make it a point to inform the Jag Enthusiasts forum as to your high level of service. Many thanks!

P.S. I ordered an item from e-Bay, shipped via USPS, it has yet to arrive. Your package arrived very quickly; I was amazed!"

An e-mail from Jim, whose GORGEOUS 1979 C3 Corvette with the 3 red decals is pictured in the Chevy Gallery:
"I saw you put one of the photos I e-mailed you on your web site, that made me very happy! The image from the right side shows how the colors on the hoodliner and the dress-up kit on the engine tie-in with one another. Also since my Corvette is black with a red interior I'm very happy with the project. I sent the link to your website to a couple of guys in my Corvette club who own C3 series cars, just in case they would like to do a liner for theirs. Your liner really makes a world of difference! Thanks again for showing my Corvette on your site!"

An e-mail I received from John, who owns a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria:
"I got the hood liner today and installed it this afternoon! It's beautiful! No problems! Went to Home Depot to get the 3M #80 and turned out great. A friend of mine helped me who was in the flooring & carpet laying business for 30 plus years and a car enthusiast and collector. All I can say is I'm very happy with the liner and thanks for a great product!"

One from Craig, who owns a 2007 Jaguar S-Type:"Liner received, installed. Everything exactly as you said and installation went according to directions. The dealer said the replacement liner OEM was $299.00 and then the parts guy said it would look like the one I was removing in 6 months. Not only is yours better material but the logo is awesome!
Thanks, I'm taking it to the Jaguar dealer to show the parts guy how cool this liner is!!"

James really likes his new liner on his Firebird:
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my custom hoodliner. I get quite a few complients on it, and I tell folks where I got it. Hopefully they will be coming your way:) Thanks again for an outstanding product at an expectional price! P.S. I LOVE my Green 'Bird in the Hoodliner!!

From a C3 Corvette owner:
I bought this liner for my '77 Vette and when I gave it to my mechanic to install it he couldn't believe it, he said it's the best product he has ever seen in 20 years!!!!! Besides with the engine looking great the hoodliner just adds to the quality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Tom owns a GORGEOUS, PRISTINE 1980 Buick Regal:

"WOW"!! I just made a video about you and your product Gonzo ... I LOVE IT! *It exceeds all my expectations. From beginning to end I will publish my FULL restoration of my car and I just finished the hood-liner ... BRAVO Buddy!! ...* You're featured (and highly recommended) within the "movie". I absolutely LOVE your product !! I will tell EVERYBODY I KNOW about you OK ? A FIRST-CLASS act !!!

These were actual e-mails that I have received from very satisfied car owners after they installed my liner on their vehicle! Maybe you can be the NEXT satisfied owner of one of my aircraft firewall material hoodliners!

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